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Tula de Allende Hidalgo

Tula de Allende Hidalgo is considered the capital of the Toltec Empire. The Toltecs were one of the most advanced Mesoamerican civilizations, and its territorial domain covered a large part of Central America according to various studies. Currently the archaeological zone of Tula Hidalgo is located within a protected area and it has been declared a National Park by INAH. The name comes from Tula (Nahuatl) Tollan. It is called Tula de Allende in honor of the independence hero Ignacio Allende. Tula and means place of tulles. In October 17, 1835 the city was granted the title of City Tula with a population of 9,387 inhabitants; in 1873 the population grew to 16 000. Its inhabitants were engaged in trade, as it was the center of communications between Gulf ports and border. It was the Toltec capital and an important center of trade for the Great Tenochtitlan. The city of Tula had a huge urban development in a period that began with the abandonment of Tula Chico and ended with the burning and destruction by the Chichimeca tribes about 1150 AD, in which social transformations and most important policies occurred. A sample of the most impressive remains are the mythical Atlantes of Tula (Tula’s Giants). The Atlantes are four columnar sculptures almost five meters high. Tula Hidalgo is a major tourist destination and has excellent hotels, restaurants and a culture. The attractions of this area are not limited to the archaeological site. The city of Tula Hidalgo has many points of interest to enjoy while you visit the city. An example is the former convent of San José located in the city center, the Franciscans began the construction of this temple in 1529. Another attractive alternative are the impressive waterfalls in the area, Resort Real del Bosque offers tours of four hours to visit the waterfalls and the most important attractions of Hidalgo. The State of Hidalgo is also famous for its hot springs. In Tula you can also enjoy Water Park La Cantera which offers visitors the benefit of these healing waters.


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