Estado de Hidalgo



Hidalgo State

Your journey through Hidalgo State offers many alternatives, there is so much to say about the state of Hidalgo, its people, its history, its natural beauty, and culture. Established in 1869 in honor of the “Father of the Nation” Don Miguel Hidalgo, whom in September 16, 1810 hoisted a banner with the image of Our Lady Guadalupe, in which one could read: “Religion. The Holy Mother Guadalupe. Fernando VII. America. Death to bad government”. Miguel Hidalgo marked the beginning of the Independence Revolution along with Allende. The state of Hidalgo is located in the east central part of Mexico, in the the region known as La Huasteca, a territory characterized by abundant mountains, valleys and plateaus. Being Surrounded by semi-desert mountain ranges the give the state a peculiar climate that ranges from dry to semi wet. The average elevation is 1900 meters. Its land area is 20.846 km2 and has a population of 2, 665,000 inhabitants. It holds the 19th position among the states with the most population.




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