Grutas de Tolantongo Hidalgo



Waterparks in Hidalgo

The different Waterparks in Hidalgo are a great place to visit during your stay in Tula. Hidalgo is a destination that offers many attractions and one of the most popular are its hot springs and waterparks where the ancient civilizations started using the hot springs as a therapeutic process. In 1986 the treatment was scientifically recognized for its benefits as a natural alternative for good physical and mental health. There are multiple benefits of these hot springs; according to the chemical analysis of a sample, they contain calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium fluoride, aluminum, barium, nickel, zinc, sodium, silicon and silica. A good recommendation is to stay in a total of 20 minutes, with breaks of 30 minutes. Among other benefits are: the purification of blood, elimination of toxins through sweating and diuresis, metabolism reactivation, revitalization effects of cells and tissues, and the improvement of the immune system which contributes to skin repair. Waterpark La Cantera is less than 10 minutes from Real Resort del Bosque. The hot springs in the caves of Tolantongo is a place you can not miss when visiting Hidalgo. We offer for our tours to these great attractions as well as a 5 Start Spa located within the property.




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